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Orthophotography and Image Processing

Orthophotos are orthogonally rectified images from the original perspectives of the aerial photography. At SDS, we achieve this
using our state-of-the-art-software – a new generation of image processing technology that not only works in its own productive
fully contained environment but is fully compatible with other graphic data structures such as AutoCAD; DWG, and MicroStation;
DGN file formats. The process of orthophoto production requires as input the unrectified digital image, ground control points
developed in aerotriangulation, camera orientation parameters and a digital elevation model with a little more coverage as the
digital orthophoto. These imputes are used collectively to register the raw image file mathematically to determine the location of
the camera position and orientation with respect to the ground and to remove relief displacement from the image file.  

Some other applications of Orthophotos are:

Zoning and Town Planning
Property Ownership
Mineral rights and more

Benefits of Orthophoto
Orthophoto has large end users that happen to be in the government and utility sectors. They can use orthophotos for correct
property valuation and tax assessment. An Orthophoto map displays more information of an environment than a conventional
map. When a basemap is overlaid on an orthophoto, it makes a map more understandable and readable by a non-literate map
Orthophoto is used as a basemap and
this happens to be its most vital use.
Measurements can be taken directly from
orthophotos as  features are in their
geometrically-corrected positions.