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Applications include:

Powerline * Coastal * Corridors * Forestry * Landscapes * Mining * Planning * Watersheds

LiDAR uses the same principle as RADAR with light replacing radio waves. LiDAR systems measure the
time it takes for a laser pulse to travel from the airborne sensor to the ground and back using GPS
and other advanced technologies to calculate accurate positions of surface features. The result is the
ability to produce accurate, detailed surface models quickly and often at reduced costs over conventional
photogrammetric mapping for medium to large areas. LiDAR can provide extensive information regarding
vegetation and other above-ground features, in addition to “seeing” below the vegetation thereby
simultaneously mapping the forest floor and modelling the canopy above.

LiDAR Benefits:

  • Save time and resources with faster turnaround (up to 75% less time)
  • Safely acquire detailed data in remote or inaccessible areas
  • Request customized products, e.g. Orthophotos, slope analysis and forest height
  • Improve project scheduling with less restrictive flight planning (day/night/season)
  • Visualize and model in 3D with superior density and accuracy, e.g. flood prediction
  • Improve geospatial capabilities as LiDAR combines easily with your GIS data
  • Access and analyze terrain beneath forest canopy or vegetation

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